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Our mission is to support you in your journey to better health. We offer a range of services to cater to your needs.

We now offer the following programs:
– A comprehensive 3 month medical and health coaching program
– one off medical consultations
– health coach programs


Medical and Health Coaching Program

Monthly Membership Program

Cost: $647 plus GST per mth (min 3 month commitment)

A comprehensive, fully personalised program designed for motivated individuals looking to reach their optimal health potential.

Consultations with Dr Braid and Jill Raab.

Medical Consultations with Dr Braid

See Dr Braid for in-person (At Orange) or virtual consultations.
No Discovery Call required.

Cost $440/hour inc GST.
No Medicare Rebate.

Testing and supplement costs are additional (please allow for up to $1000 in costs).

Health Coaching Program

One on one health coaching with Jill Raab, by phone or video consultation.
Cost: $150 initial consultation
Then if you’d like to continue the program
$130 per month (for twice monthly 30 minute sessions for three month program with option to extend).

Cognitive Function Assessment

An online brain health assessment service that accurately measures core elements of your cognitive function, including memory, attention, reasoning and verbal abilities.

Offered through Cambridge Brain Sciences.


Rehabilitation is an essential part of any brain health care plan.

Comprehensive Reviews are available with a GP referral, and qualify for a Medicare rebate.

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Knowledge is Power

You are your greatest strength!

Are you ready to take charge of your brain health?

The greater your knowledge, the greater your power to drive your health to its optimal state.

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