Knowledge is Power

Here at Braid Health, we recognise that you are your greatest strength.
By having a deeper understanding of your body, you can find the inner knowledge and strength to take a proactive approach to your very own health.

The greater your knowledge, the greater your power to drive your health to its optimal state.

We are pleased to present the following educational webinars recorded in 2018.  They are also available on our YouTube channel.

Optimise your Gut Health Webinar 1

JULY 2018
Join Dr Josephine Braid, Integrative Rehabilitation Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner to learn about how to optimize your gut health. Take aways you can action straight away!

Anxiety, Mood Disorders & Gut Health

Join Dr Jo as she talks about the importance of neurotransmitters and what conditions may occur when they are imbalanced. Also a functional medicine approach to anxiety.

Optimise your Gut Health Webinar 2

Join Dr Josephine Braid for Gut Health Webinar 2 where she talks about intestinal permeability in an educational and informative way. She will also look at the Functional Medicine approach to gut health.

Women's Health

Join Dr Jo as she discusses an overview of women’s health, useful period tracker apps, PCOS, perimenopause and the menopause transition.

Gut-Brain Connection

Learn about what contributes to a healthy gut microbiome, why your vagus nerve is so important and how to increase vagal tone, and an easy recipe to boot!

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