Cognitive Function Assessments

Braid Health offers online cognitive assessments through Cambridge Brain Sciences Health. This provides you with the ability to regularly undertake neuropsychological assessments in the comfort and privacy of your own home to monitor your cognitive processing, speed, memory and much more.

We provide quarterly, half-yearly and annual memberships.

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Cambridge Brain Sciences Memberships

Quarterly Membership


An engaging and enjoyable assessment, providing you with a reliable and scientifically-validated cognitive assessment report in as little as 15 minutes.

This membership entitles you to four assessments over a 12 month period.

Half-yearly Membership


Used by leading healthcare practitioners and researchers around the world for cutting-edge cognitive assessments.

This membership entitles you to two assessments – one now, and a second one in six months’ time.

Annual Membership


The Cambridge Brain Sciences suite of neurocognitive tasks accurately measure core elements of cognition like short-term memory, reasoning, attention and verbal ability.

This membership entitles you to a single assessment.

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