Dr Braid is an experienced Rehabilitation Medicine Doctor specialising in Gut-brain health.  

She is passionate about empowering people to take charge of their health and embrace a preventative model of care.

She works with people who want to feel and be healthy from the inside out.

Functional medicine is a science-based and patient-centred approach to healthcare that seeks to discover how and why illness occurs. Instead of disease as the point of focus, Functional Medicine addresses the inter-connecting biochemical, genetic and lifestyle factors that underlie disease and dysfunction.
This approach delivers the ultimate in personalised health care with nutritional medicine and lifestyle modifications as core features.
This specialty has gained significant momentum in the United States and is set to revolutionise our current medical model of health care.

New on the blog

Root causes for an autoimmune condition

Today I want to briefly discuss how I now approach an individual with an autoimmune condition. Autoimmune means the body attacks itself. Unfortunately autoimmune conditions are on the rise as noted in this article from 2015 (The World Incidence and Prevalence of Autoimmune Disease is increasing,...

Meet Jill Raab, our health coach!

Hello! I’ve been invited by my colleague, Dr. Jo Braid, to be a guest blogger at Braid Health. So, I shall let you in on a bit of personal background, to put you in the picture. We all have a story (I just love to hear people’s stories as we dive deeply into what makes them unique) and mine spans...

Sugar Cravings

Do you crave sugar and sweets? Well you are not alone. This is an oh so common challenge in our lives. In fact, it is thought to be the number one reason people “fall off the wagon” with the food they choose to eat. Let’s talk about what drives these cravings.  Here are eight of them however there...

The Origin of Health

Have you heard of Salutogenesis? It means the Origin of Health and was newly added to the Merriam and Webster Dictionary in 2019. You may be more familiar with the term Pathogenesis which means the Origin of Disease. Isn’t it interesting to see terminology we are more familiar with in our current...

Commonly misunderstood gut truths

Wellness begins in the gut (because we must nourish every cell). Chewing is key to start good digestion. Beyond the mouth there are no teeth!! Gut feelings and the gut-brain axis are real (enteric nervous system; vagus nerve connection; sleep & mood highly affected by gut status). Disease...

All about stress!

Last week I gave a brand new presentation on Stress at the Central West Women’s Health Centre. There were lots of questions at the end and surprise at the connections between stress and our bodies. ​​Did you know gut bugs, both friendly and unfriendly, respond to changes in stress hormones? Our...

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